Introducing the EPM Mueller Extractors

The EPM Mueller Extractor is used in Revision Hip Arthroplasty procedures for removal of implanted prosthesis.
Its unique design allows the force to be transmitted directly along the center axis of the prosthesis,
therefore eliminating the lateral forces which can result in fracture during extraction.

The key to this instrument is the patented clamping mechanism and head with exceptional clamping force
ensuring a secure connection between most instrument and implant necks and tapers commercially available.
















Slide Hammer Extractor (2 year warranty)


EPM Mueller Extractors – Accessories

EPM Mueller Extractors – Cleaning and Sterilizing

The EPM Mueller Extractor and accessories are supplied non-sterile.


  • Disassemble before cleaning
  • Hand wash, use neutral PH or slightly alkaline detergent according to the recommendations of the detergent manufacturer.
  • Use soft, lint-free cloths or towels, plastic brushes or cleaning guns
  • Never immerse stainless steel instruments in a physiological salt (NaCl) solution; it will lead to pitting and stress corrosion cracking
  • Only validated machine cleaning and disinfecting processes should be used


  • Extractor set is fully autoclavable
  • Leave Extractor disassembled during sterilization
  • Use autoclave according to standard hospital sterilization procedures and within the guidelines of the autoclave manufacturer.


  • Store at room temperature in dry conditions. Condensation may cause subsequent corrosion damage.


EPM Mueller Extractors – Service and Maintenance


Apply instrument oil to tube, rod and screws periodically to minimize wear friction.


Contact IMT-USA for service to the EPM Mueller Extractor.

EPM Mueller Extractors – Specifications

Striking Weight: 1.0 kg/2.2 lbs  (standard)
1.7 kg/3.74 lbs  (optional)

Stroke Length:   205mm/8.1 inches

Weight: EPM Mueller Slide Hammer Extractor:  2.27 kg/5.0 lbs

Size: Total Length: 550mm/21.7 inches